About me.

I’m a designer with 12 years experience spanning branding, publication, print, wayfinding, environmental graphics and digital. In a nutshell: I really, really like problem solving in design. The form that it takes is only part of the picture.

I’ve worked for agencies including Deuce Design, Whybin\TBWA, Collider, Houston Group, Christopher Doyle & Co. across my career, for clients big and small, as well as my own clients and projects. I’ve spoken at Dames & Dumplings for AGDA and run a workshop for the Make Nice Un-Conference for Women, won scholarships and awards and pitched Techstars in NYC for a startup as one of the top 20 finalists. Geena Davis offered me my first goji berry, and I once told Heath Ledger he had the wrong number, but they’re stories for another day.

If you give me a puzzle, I’ll turn it around, pick holes in it, look at it again, get frustrated, put it down, pick it back up, try again, till I figure it out. Probably with a few bad puns along the way.